Traditional Lawyers

Rather than getting all dressed up for multiple meetings with an expensive lawyer, allows you to create your plan in less than an hour in the convenience of your home.

  • The attorney would like you think that there is some sort of secret sauce involved and only they know the key ingredients or can legally do what is needed, the online interview takes the mystery out of the experience making the entire process transparent.
  • If your situation is too complex, you will need competent counsel. We monitor your work as you use If your situation requires it, we make sure the attorney responsible for your work contacts you before permitting you to harm yourself.


Document Engines vs

Rather than leaving you to determine what should be included in your estate plan, guides you through the process, identifying the documents you require.

  • While you are in charge of the process, you aren’t alone. The questions you answer about yourself permit the tool to guide you to the correct documents, ensuring your estate plan is sound.
  • Not only are our lawyers part of the software, but an attorney from your state oversees and is responsible for your use of, ensuring your estate plan is done correctly.
  • notifies you when significant changes in your life require an update to your estate plan, making it easy for these updates to occur.
  • With you can store your documents on our secured cloud storage, giving you the ability to access, update, and share them at any time.